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Capercaille Protection

The Capercaille, of which there are about a thousand breeding pairs left in the UK, largely in the Scottish Highlands, has been suffering mounting losses due to flying into the deer fencing which surrounds many Estate plantations.

EU money has been forthcoming to fund various protection schemes to save the birds. The main objective is to provide a visual warning and this is being accomplished by weaving a variety of materials into the mesh of the deer fencing.

Where there is thought to be no impact on the environment visually, highly coloured plastic mesh is being used. In more sensitive positions pressure treated softwood battens are used. However where appearance is a major issue Chestnut Fencing is considered the answer.

This product is ideal containing as it does the natural preservative, Tannin, which results both in a long usage life and attractive appearance.

In about a year the Chestnut pales will weather to a pleasing silver-grey colour, which will blend well with the surrounding flora.

Manchester Chestnut Fencing are proud to be associated with this work as suppliers to, RTS Ltd., of Crieff, Atholl Estates of Pitlochry and Border Consultants of Sterling.


New Moss Road, Cadishead,Manchester. M44 5JT
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